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Stitch Labs: All-in-One Solution for Inventory Management, Fulfillment, and Analytics

Are you struggling to tie together all the different parts of your e-commerce business’s inventory? If the answer is “yes,” then you’re not alone. Inventory management is crucial to retail success, and yet, 43% of small businesses still track it manually, or they don’t track it at all.

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Why Should You Consider Changing Your Ecommerce Shopping Cart?

It only takes two words to answer this question, cart abandonment. Customers who shop in retail stores often give up trying to buy due to a long checkout line or a slow, incompetent cashier. And, there is no difference when it comes to online shopping. Customers demand speed, security, and...

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How Do I Choose My ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution?

When you’re the one responsible for selecting the right ERP software solution, it’s a huge responsibility. Without proper planning and thorough reviews, this sophisticated and expensive enterprise software can become your biggest nightmare. ERP software performance and functionality will affect...

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Top 10 Benefits of Full-Service Marketing Agencies

You may or may not have an in-house marketing department. As your company grows sometimes, it’s hard to catch up with every aspect of your marketing. Not to mention, the continuous shifting of customer’s preferences and technology can leave you behind.

Who are you going to call to keep up with...

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7 Ways Base CRM Improves Prospecting and Other Sales Processes

Door-to-Door (D2D) prospecting is making a come-back for both B2B and B2C companies. And, it’s no wonder as the spam filters, no call lists, mobile devices, and defensive gatekeepers become impenetrable for email and direct mail. Even with inbound marketing, someone must contact the prospect to...

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Top 10 Advertising Blogs to Follow

What makes a good business or advertising blog? They bring you current and relevant information in bite-sized, easy to digest articles.  It’s information that keeps you on your toes, up to date and improves your performance. You can see what the competition is up to.

Here is a compilation of ten...

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Why Reputation Management Reviews Are So Important

How likely are you to purchase a product or do business with a company that has misled, mistreated, or outright lied to you or others? Not likely.

When you get burned by this company, you won’t return, and you’ll tell others of your negative experience. It’s just how it works. With the social...

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Eventige: 5-Star Rated, Full-Service Marketing Experts 

All day long marketers bombard consumers with attempts to get them to call, click or buy. So, it’s imperative, when you have your customer’s attention that you ask them to act at the right moment. At Eventige, we take advantage of every moment of your brand’s exposure to ask for the right call...

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Top 5 Mistakes That Brands Make on Social Media

It is our nature to share our thoughts, feelings, and actions. With digital communication at our fingertips, it’s easy for people to spread their ideas and comments around the globe in seconds. Social media is like electricity. Carefully controlled, it can power marketing campaigns, and become a...

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InstantSearch+: The Perfect Link Between Shoppers and Merchants

Two things infuriate customers when shopping in a store.  One is when no one is around to help them, and the other is when a salesperson follows them around but can’t answer simple questions about the product. When this happens, customers will walk out unhappy, unfulfilled, and unlikely to...

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